The Quest for Improvement

The Tisch With Dena Weiss #22

The Talmud recognizes two very different forms of teshuvah (repentance): "teshuvah out of love" and "teshuvah out of fear." Both of these forms of teshuvah are sincere and “real” forms of teshuvah, though they come from very different places. The Ohev Yisrael helps us see that teshuvah out of love is a quest for excellence and true improvement, and that this is the model of what we should aspire to.

“Mitteler Rebbe,” "Ach L'elokim," and “Ki Anu Amecha” from RAZA Kapelya (2023) by Chana Raskin. Produced by Joey Weisenberg and Chana Raskin for Hadar’s Rising Song Records. 

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