The Exodus that Continues

Dena Weiss

Pesah Reader 5784

Pesah is the anniversary of our redemption from Egypt, so it is not surprising that, during this holiday, we are called upon to tell the story of the Exodus and remember that God took us out of Egypt. However, Sukkot and Shavuot are also in remembrance of the Exodus, and in fact we are called upon to remember the Exodus every day when we recite the Shema. What is more surprising is that so many of the mitzvot that we have are bound up with the notion that God took us out of Egypt. A connection to the Exodus is repeated over thirty times in the Torah, and applies to dozens of mitzvot. So it is clear that remembering that God took us out of Egypt is a core and constant part of what it means to observe mitzvot and have a relationship with God. But why? Why does the Torah keep on drawing our focus back to this event?