God After Darwin

Rabbi Shai Held

Belief, Non-Belief, and Modern Science (Part 1)

Dr. Michael Ruse Rabbi Shai Held

At Hadar we aim to ignite a much-needed Jewish conversation about God.  Towards that end, we proudly present a provocative new series of public lectures and dialogues—about faith and doubt in light of science; about whether and how the idea of a God who loves can still make sense in the modern world; about Israelis and their (often understated) quest for God; and about what it means to believe in God (tentatively, sometimes tenuously) in a broken world. This lecture, recorded live on November 3, 2016, was the first of four parts in our Fall 2016 series, Faith and Doubt in the Modern World

Michael Ruse is a renowned philosopher of science, a noted Darwin scholar, and a committed atheist.  He is also an impassioned critic of Richard Dawkins and the New Atheism, and has written extensively on the relationship between religion and science.  Currently Professor of Philosophy at Florida State University, he is the author of many books, including Atheism: What Everyone Needs to Know, Can a Darwinian Be a Christian?, and The Evolution-Creation Struggle.

The series was presented in partnership with the Samuel Bronfman Foundation in memory of Edgar Bronfman, who struggled with questions of faith and doubt for much of his life, and whose love of and commitment to Torah were an inspiration to many.