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Summer Beit Midrash

Yeshivat Hadar Summer Beit Midrash

June 25-August 6, 2023
New York City

Application Deadline: Friday, February 10, 2023


If you have any questions about the program, please contact Rabbi Joseph Robinson.



Program Overview

The Yeshivat Hadar Summer Beit Midrash is a unique opportunity for a highly committed group of Jewish students to live in a community that combines intellectual openness and curiosity with the personal and spiritual rigor of yeshiva life. Participating in full-time immersive study at Hadar is an investment in your Jewish identity, one that will enrich and guide your Jewish life for decades to come. Yeshivat Hadar’s Summer Beit Midrash focuses on:

  • Gaining the skills to independently approach the classic texts of Torah
  • Developing a mature, intellectually rigorous approach to the fundamental questions of Jewish life
  • Deep engagement with Jewish content, both practical and intellectual
  • Spiritual and personal growth that comes from tefillah, hesed, and shared communal life

The rhythm of the day starts with shaharit and continues with learning throughout the morning, afternoon and two evenings a week. We spend three vibrant, fun, and song-filled shabbatonim together over the course of the summer. Part of the power of the Summer Beit Midrash at Yeshivat Hadar is the integrated, holistic aspect of life and study. Yeshivat Hadar students and faculty daven together, share meals, study together, do hesed together, and sing together. Those activities are not independent - our learning takes on the personal and soulful tones of davening, and our commitment to Hesed informs conversations within our learning. Being a member of the Yeshivat Hadar community is not just about your time inside the Beit Midrash; it is a way of life for the summer. Over the past decade, hundreds of students have studied at Yeshivat Hadar, and are now pursuing a wide range of careers and life paths, while contributing to the vibrancy of their Jewish communities and shaping the landscape of the next generation of Jewish life. 

Full-time students commit to helping to build Hadar's vision of Torah, Avodah, and Hesed lived out by observant Jewish communities, where all, irrespective of gender, are full citizens. Applicants will either have already demonstrated leadership in these areas in their communities, and/or see their studies at Hadar as an opportunity to enhance their future contributions to these values and the communities that embody them. Summer Beit Midrash students are generally in the age range of 20-35, and have already completed a year of university or national service, or equivalent.

Accepted, full-time Summer Beit Midrash students, in recognition of their significant investment in building the Hadar community, attend Hadar tuition-free, are provided breakfast and lunch during the summer program, and receive a $3000 fellowship to support full-time study.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply to Hadar? When are applications due?

The application for the full time Summer Beit Midrash has two parts: a letter of reference and a written application. Once your complete application has been reviewed, select candidates will be invited for an interview either on Zoom or in person, if circumstances allow. Interviews will be conducted shortly after the application deadline passes. Admissions decisions will go out to interviewees by mid/late March. If you need an accelerated application process, contact Rabbi Joseph Robinson. Late applications may be considered, space-permitting.

Who is the Summer Beit Midrash for?

Participants are generally between the ages of 20-35. American students need to have been in college or the equivalent for one year. Students applying from Israel need to have completed one year of Army or equivalent.

What’s the daily schedule at Yeshivat Hadar?

You can look at a sample schedule from previous summer programs below. While upcoming summer sessions won't be identical to this, they will be quite similar.

What kind of textual proficiency do I need to study at Hadar?

Yeshivat Hadar’s summer students span from those who have spent multiple years in pre-college yeshivot and midrashot to people who have not done much text-based learning but can read the bulk of the siddur for comprehension. Below this level of Hebrew proficiency, the weight of the language is simply too great to engage in all-day learning and tefillah, and the best first step is to spend time in an intensive Hebrew language program. For morning Talmud classes, students are grouped by level. Afternoon classes are geared towards multiple textual backgrounds, and materials are sometimes available in both Hebrew and English.

What kind of Jewish background do I need to participate in the Summer Beit Midrash?

Full-time students come from a range of Jewish backgrounds and converge around a shared commitment to talmud Torah and shemirat mitzvot in egalitarian community. Some people have spent time in environments that reflect all of these values. For others, different aspects of the yeshiva environment are exactly what they are looking for but haven't yet experienced in community.
The Summer Beit Midrash is designed for a cohort characterized by shared obligation in mitzvot and halakhic practice, including daily minyan. For this program, Yeshivat Hadar has a working definition of Jewish status that is anchored in halakhah. Read more about Yeshivat Hadar’s approach to Jewish status.

How do I find a place to live?

Students in the Summer Beit Midrash find their own housing for the duration of the program, often connecting with each other as housemates. The richest and fullest experience of the summer will be facilitated by living in a nearby neighborhood with a robust Jewish community encompassed by an eruv. Most students end up in Washington Heights or the Upper West Side. Parts of Brooklyn, like can also work, for those ready for a longer commute. These eruv maps are a good place to start:

What do Yeshivat Hadar students do for meals? For Shabbat?

We are happy to provide vegetarian breakfast and lunch most days of the week. We have some capacity to accommodate dietary restrictions and allergies, and will do our best to do so. We have three shabbatot together as a yeshiva and in other weeks students make shabbat plans on their own.

I’m not a US citizen. What kind of visa can I receive to study at Hadar? 

Foreign students who are not US citizens should first inquire about receiving a tourist visa to visit the United States that extends beyond the conclusion of the Hadar session you are joining. If that is not possible, Hadar can lend assistance in obtaining a visa to cover your time here, though we cannot guarantee the success of the application, which depends on factors outside of our control.

Will there be time to experience New York City?

Yes! Outside of the regular yeshiva schedule, three shabbatot are free and Sundays are generally open for recreation and exploring museums, cultural institutions, and everything else that New York City has to offer.

What is Yeshivat Hadar’s connection to Israel?

Hadar’s connection to Israel is strong and long-standing and there are often Israeli full-time students in our beit midrash. We have a full-time staff in Israel along with hundreds of Israeli alumni, many of whom have studied with us in person in New York City, and many of whom have participated in our Elul and Winter programs in Israel. You can learn more about those programs and see more Hebrew-language content here. Our New York-based faculty have logged a lot of time living, learning, and teaching in Israel. You will find a wide range of views and approaches to Israel among the faculty and fellow students. We approach Israel, Zionism, and the return of Jewish sovereignty with deep gratitude to live in this moment and a profound sense of responsibility around the ethics of power. The yeshiva says the prayer for the State of Israel before Musaf on Shabbat as well as Hallel on Yom Ha’atzmaut.

What is Hadar doing to be environmentally friendly?
We generally use reusable dishes and make sure to use biodegradable plates, cups and cutlery for higher volume needs. When possible, we compost organic materials generated through our programming. We're always looking for more that we can do, and if you have any suggestions please be in touch with us at [email protected].

How do I find out more?
We are happy to answer any questions—please contact Rabbi Joseph Robinson at [email protected].


Attend a Virtual Open House

Curious about Yeshivat Hadar but not sure if it's the right fit for you? Attend a virual open house and find out for yourself!

Join us on Zoom on  Wednesday, February 8 at 8:00-9:30 PM Eastern for an open house to learn more about this program. We will open with words of Torah, followed by sharing everything you need to know about the full-time and part-time learning opportunities at Yeshivat Hadar for Summer and Fall 2023.




June 25-August 6, 2023

Application deadline: Friday, February 10, 2023

There are two steps to apply:

  1. Complete the written application.
  2. Contact a teacher, mentor, or employer to serve as a recommender. An ideal recommender is a teacher, mentor, or employer who can speak to your text skills, Jewish experiences, social-emotional maturity, and community involvement. It is not essential that a reference be someone who knows you from a Jewish context or who can speak to your Jewish fluency.

2023 Summer Beit Midrash Application Timeline and Selection Process

  • Application Deadline: Friday, February 10, 2023. Your complete application, including your recommendation, should be submitted by this date.
  • You will be notified whether or not you have been selected for an interview shortly after the application deadline passes. Interviews will occur in mid-February through early March.
  • Admissions decisions will go out to interviewees by mid/late March. If you required earlier notification, please contact Rabbi Joseph Robinson so that we can discuss an expedited timeline.


Please submit your application for the Yeshivat Hadar Summer Beit Midrash through this form. We are looking forward to getting to know each of you through your application. If you have questions or concerns regarding the selection process or application timeline, please reach out to us via email.