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Frequently Asked Questions: Summer Beit Midrash


Yeshivat Hadar Summer Beit Midrash

June 22-July 28, 2022

Holmes Camp & Retreat Center

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Note on COVID-19 and Safety: Hadar is absolutely committed to abiding by all relevant protocols to make this a safe program in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. All Summer Beit Midrash activities are being planned in close consultation with a medical adviser who has designed COVID-19 safety protocols for schools and is confident that the overall structure can be implemented responsibly and safely.

Based on the current situation, proof of full vaccination will be required. We are working closely with our medical adviser over the coming months to fully update any relevant health protocols.

[] How do I apply to Hadar? When are applications due?

The application for the full time Summer Beit Midrash has two parts: a letter of reference and a written application. Once your complete application has been reviewed, select candidates will be invited for an interview (in person or on video). By mid-February, you will be informed about whether you have been granted an interview. Interviews take place late February to mid-March. Generally, admissions decisions will be communicated by mid-April. If you need an accelerated application process, contact us at [email protected]. Late applications may be considered, space-permitting.

[] What’s the daily schedule at Yeshivat Hadar?

You can look at the weekly schedule from our 2021 summer program below. While upcoming summer sessions won't be identical to this, they will be quite similar.

[] What kind of textual proficiency do I need to study at Hadar?

Yeshivat Hadar’s summer students should know basic modern or rabbinic Hebrew. This includes knowledge of prefixes and suffixes, the ability to translate common Hebrew verbs without a dictionary and the basics of conjugation like tense, gender, and number. If you have any questions please reach out to Dena Weiss, Rosh Beit Midrash, at [email protected].

[] How much does it cost to study at Hadar?

This summer, Hadar is covering all tuition costs and providing room and board, free of charge, to support students' commitment of time and focus to a summer of learning. 

[] Who is it for?

Participants are generally ages 20-35. Students applying from America need to have been in university or the equivalent for one year. Students applying from Israel need to have completed one year of Army or equivalent.

[] I’m not a US citizen. What kind of visa can I receive to study at Hadar?

Foreign students who are not US citizens should first inquire about receiving a tourist visa to visit the United States that extends beyond the conclusion of the Hadar session you are joining. If that is not possible, Hadar can lend assistance in obtaining a visa to cover your time here, though we cannot guarantee the success of the application, which depends on factors outside of our control.

[] What is Hadar doing to be environmentally friendly?

We're glad that you asked. We generally use reusable dishes and make sure to use biodegradable plates, cups and cutlery for higher volume needs. When possible, we compost organic materials generated through our programming. We're always looking for more that we can do, and if you have any suggestions please be in touch with us at [email protected].

[] How do I find out more?

We are happy to answer any questions—please contact [email protected].